We provide accurate, timely and dependable business services to start-up and small business. Let us be the “Extension of Your Business” bridging the gap by taking tasks off your plate so you can do what you do best – GROW your business.

Who I am

Who am I? I am Tammy Ebert. When asked that question it is always a complicated answer. I started working for my parents while I was in what is now known as Middle School in International Falls, MN. My parents owned their own business for over 35 years. While working for them, there seemed to always be a struggle to understand the “cash flow” and who/when/how/could they hire employees or expand their business. They were successful as business owners, but had they had someone that could have established better policies and procedures it might have been even more so. It was then that I developed my PASSION for startup and small businesses. I have a STRONG desire to see start-up and small businesses become very successful. If you have ever owned a small business you know that one of the toughest things is to be actually working your business (bringing in all those new clients) and have to worry about the recording of the financial information, because you don’t want to show up at your tax accountants at year-end with a shoe box full of receipts. You know that it is time for your company to start growing which means it’s time to hire that new employee or a 1099 contractor. That now brings you in to a whole new area of Human Resources. That is just a couple of reasons why I started TME Business Services. I want to HELP you stop worrying about it and do what really needs to be done to get it done. I can be that “Extension of Your Business”. No client will have the same needs, so there will be no norm or package deals. We will sit down and discuss what you need and how I can help you. My knowledge of business processes and finances make me an expert in my field. It is hard to SHOW you the PASSION, DESIRE, DRIVE, and WILLINGNESS that have that will help you as business owners with words. Contact me today and let’s sit down and talk. Get to know me and then we will decide together if it is a good fit or not.


Tammy is a self‐motivated hard worker with a wealth of experience. She is willing to try new things and learn new skills. She is a great asset to any team in the areas of financial accounting, human resources, and IT and is highly recommended.

Shawn Patterson

CTO & Founder, Resolution Medical LLC

Tammy is one of a kind and would be a great asset to any company. She is someone who one can instantly trust and know that she will work hard for you and represent you in the best way possible.

Sarah Molitor

COO, Children’s Nature Academy

Tammy does a great job of managing all the benefits for employees. She is always available and was a great help and resource for me when it came to anything regarding my benefits.

Chris McPhail

Marketing Representative, Federat


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